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Our Process

We Take a TEAM Approach

All 4th River Financial Group advisors work in a teaching and coaching context so that you have a clear understanding of investment products and financial planning strategies that work well in today’s complex market. 

You Are Part of the TEAM


You talk, we listen and learn! We want to get to know you, your hopes, your dreams, and your financial goals.


We believe that an informed client is a wise client - one that will make the right decisions to achieve his or her goals. We will provide the information you need to make informed decisions.


As a fiduciary advisory firm, we will provide you with expert guidance and recommendations regarding your financial matters.


We monitor your situation on an ongoing basis and recommend adjustments when necessary to accommodate either personal changes or changes in global economic trends.

What you can expect if you engage with us

Step 1 - Initial Phone Consultation

Before committing your time or ours, this phone call provides an opportunity for both parties to ensure that your situation aligns with our expertise.

Step 2 – Initial Office or Virtual Meeting

Based on the information discussed in the first call, we will begin the financial planning process and provide you with an overview of where you are and where you can go with the help of solid investment management and financial planning. This includes ideas on how we can help with portfolio enhancements, tax planning guidance & income planning.

Step 3 - Follow-up Meeting

At this stage, we delve into some education specifics to help you understand what is necessary to achieve your financial goals. This meeting allows you to witness, in practical terms, how our firm can enhance your financial standing. After this you will decide if you are ready to start collaboration or if you prefer to take some time to reflect.

Step 4 - Reflection Period

Having accumulated over two decades of experience in the industry, we recognize the significance of deliberate decision-making. Prior to making any commitments, it is essential to invest time in addressing pivotal questions:

Can you place trust and confidence in the 4th River Financial team? Will the advantages they present outweigh their associated costs? Do their suggestions align with your understanding and expectations?

Step 6 - Final Meeting/Paperwork

During this session, we'll attend to any remaining questions you may have, and if you're prepared to move forward, we'll commence the paperwork to formalize our client relationship.

It's crucial to emphasize that although we would be pleased to collaborate with you, there's no pressure or hard-sell tactics involved; we fully respect and honor your decision.